LPL Innovations does research, development and manufacturing of dual use technologies, civilian and military.  We design custom machinery for low cost, high throughput manufacturing for high volume products.  We use a mix of outsourcing and in-house manufacturing for rapid prototyping and quick time to market for novel products enabled by novel manufacturing technologies and machinery.

Our primary focus is designing and manufacturing products that are mostly made of structural foam.  Our 5000 ton clamping force structural foam machine is one of a kind and the largest structural foam machine in the world, enabling products to use low cost plastics instead of metals or other composites such as carbon fiber, fiber glass, etc.  Some of our products use a metal skeleton to augment strength to weight of structural foam.

Our legacy products are  structural foam industrial waste bins of sizes 1,  2, and 3 cubic yards.

Our current ongoing design is a family of civilian commercial and military UAV and optionally manned aircraft that are scalable, modular, using the same electronics and software.  The aircraft can fly Wing in Ground Effect (WIG) similar to DARPA X-Plane Liberty Lifter (see video on our home page) but also can fly up to 10,000 feet.  Sizes of the initial two aircraft are 2.4 meters and 50 meters wingspan.  The 2.4 meter UAV can fit two 48 inch pallets.  The 50 meter optionally manned aircraft  exceeds the cargo capacity of the C-130J and can fit one standard 40 foot shipping container or two military 20 foot shipping containers.

Future planned products include modular scalable AWD optionally manned ground vehicles with aluminum backbone and structural foam monocoque.

We have operations in: Indio, California; Prescott, Arizona and Mati, Philippines with partner / subcontractor companies located in Orange County, California; Tennessee and Taiwan.