LPL Motorsports

There are some common aspects to Motorsports, Capitalism and Warfare. It has been said that elite F1 drivers and dogfight aces share much in common such as obsession with their craft and extreme competitiveness.

Motorsports is a form of benchmarking to measure how well driver and vehicle can perform.  Results are very apparent with winners and lower. On a given day(s), one must show up with equipment and driver ready to practice or ready to race.  We practice how we race and we race how we practice.

Motorsport has a lot in common with competitive free market with clear winners and loser.  There are rules in motorsports and laws that govern business practices. There are many tradeoffs in motorsports such as cost, reliability, performance as there are similar tradeoffs in products design, manufacturing and sales.

Motorsports has a lot in common with warfare, in that there are typically winners and losers, although unlike racing, warfare can reach a stalemate.  At certain times, a nation's military has to show up with equipment and soldiers ready for training exercises or ready for war.  While training exercises are scheduled, the beginning of a defensive ware is scheduled by the aggressor nation(s) so that soldiers must be prepared to deploy to the battlefield upon short notice.  Soldiers practice how they will fight and fight how they practiced, same as in  Motorsports.

LPL Motorsports supports other divisions of LPL Innovations, particularly LPL Defense by supporting benchmarking of various products and human operators, typically with war gaming "red vs. blue".

LPL Motorsports supports training and team building for other divisions of LPL Innovations.  

LPL Motorsports' first professional race was in World Challenge at the 2010 Grand Prix of Long Beach with a win in class with driver Tyler McQuarrie in a Lotus Exige.  

We were previously focused on formula car road racing (meaning left and right turns on a closed circuit, as opposed to oval racing), then Lotus sports car road racing, but now focus on tracking and racing Zenos sports cars powered by Ford EcoBoost. Our current Zeno test car is scheduled to be modified from track car to rally car (racing on pavement, dirt, mud, gravel, snow / ice, all weather, but not off-road.)  Our planned AWD optionally manned ground vehicles with aluminum backbone and structural foam monocoque is loosely based on the Zenos which also has an aluminum backbone but a monocoque made from recycled carbon fiber.